Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blue Roses with Zoya Natty

Today's manicure was done on a whim. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do, I only knew that I'd be using Zoya Natty, which I won in a contest hosted by Katee over at A Girl and Her Polish.

I decided to do a simple gradient. I started with two coat's of Sally Hansen Eel Skin. Next, I applied a single coat of Zoya Natty along the tips of my nails. Natty applies like a dream! And it's such a beautiful color.

After allowing everything to set, I put a few drops of Natty onto a makeup sponge and applied it to the area where the two polishes met on my nail.

Finally, because I felt the look was missing something, I stamped roses onto the grey portion of my gradient. I used Bundle Monster plate BM-323 with Zoya Natty. Natty surprised me again, it's a wonderful stamping polish.

The stamping is quite subtle, as you can see, but I think it's still rather pretty. I wish I'd left a bit more room for it though.

Tomorrow I think I'll try out Zoya Toni!


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