Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rainbow Grunge Tutorial

I was asked by some DeviantArt users for a tutorial for the rainbow grunge nails I posted on Monday. I wrote a quick one up today and took some step by step photos as well.

I know my fellow nail bloggers won't need this, but it was really flattering being asked to explain how the manicure was done. I couldn't say no. Besides, this is such a fun look. I embrace any excuse to flaunt it again.

So here it is.

What you'll need:
Base Coat
Top Coat
White Polish
Black Polish
An assortment of brightly colored polishes (I suggest three or four colors)
Nail polish remover/Acetone
Saran/Plastic Wrap

  1. Clean your nails by swabbing them with nail polish remover. This removes oils that may prevent your polish from properly.

  2. Apply white polish. You want smooth, even coverage. The white base color will keep your colors looking bright. Allow to dry.

  3. Once your white polish is set, start applying your colors. I start at the base of my nail and apply them in stages allowing each to dry before applying the next. No need to do any fancy gradients, you don't need smooth transitions for this to look good.

  4. Let them dry completely.

  5. I mean it. They need to be completely dry. Don't even think about moving on to the next step if they're not.

  6. Working quickly, apply a single coat of black polish to a single nail. Immediately dab at it gently with a crumpled up piece of Saran Wrap. The Saran Wrap should remove only portions of the black polish, showing the bright colors beneath. Do not over work your nail. Dab each area only once.

  7. Do the rest of your nails following the method from step five.

  8. Once you're done, let everything dry.

  9. Now, clean up any polish that you may have gotten on your skin.

  10. Apply a top coat.

  11. Show off.


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