Friday, May 31, 2013

Galaxy Nails in Honor of 1998 QE2

Today the Near-Earth asteroid, 1998 QE2, will be making a fly by. I'm a huge geek, and I love space, so I figured this was as good a time as any to finally sit down and do some galaxy nails.

Galaxy nails are something I've attempted before but they never came out exactly as I'd hoped they would... Which is why I've never posted any here. So, instead of going all out and risking another messy failure, I decided to just stick to the basics.

I used two coats of Sally Hansen Black Out for my base. The sponging was done with Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue, Sally Hansen Eel Skin, Sally Hansen Model Behavior, L'Oréal Members Only and Sinful Colors Cream Pink.

For the "stars" I used two different top coats. The first was Sally Hansen Glass Slipper, a slight iridescent flaky with a nice silver sparkle. The second was Hard Candy Celebrate Sequins, a mix of holographic glitters. Since both of these polishes pack a punch, I used them sparingly.

Happy Near-Earth asteroid day, everyone!


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