Wednesday, June 19, 2013

L.A. Girl 3D Silver and Revlon Nail Art Stencils

L.A. Girl 3D Silver under a slightly overcast sky.

Hello! The local Rite-Aid was having a sale on polish! As a result, I landed a pretty nice haul! I'm going to be swathing and posting the results over the next few days. First up is L.A. Girl 3D Silver from the 3D Effects collection.

This isn't a new polish, but it is new to me. I'm a bit behind (as are most local retailers)!

The polish has a clear base loaded with tons of irregular holographic particles. It took me about three layers before I was happy with the opacity but it was still a bit sheer looking depending on how the light hit it. Four coats may have been better.

L.A. Girl 3D Silver with stenciled accents. Photo taken in direct sunlight.

The holographic effect wasn't very strong but it's still quite nice, especially in direct sunlight. It's nice on it's own, but I wanted to play around a bit so I added some black stars using Revlon Nail Art Stencils. I've featured these stencils before and I absolutely love how easy they are to use and how crisp the resulting designs are.

My overall verdict on L.A. Girl 3D Silver is that it's a great budget holo with a nice, if somewhat muted, effect. What do you think?


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