Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grey and Gold

This is my entry into the Gorgeois' Color Combination giveaway. I knew I wanted to enter this giveaway but I had no idea what sort of unusual color combination I wanted to try. I originally thought I'd do burgundy and baby blue but I finally settled on grey and gold.

Colors used:
  • L'Oreal Base Coat - Base coat
  • Essie Chinchilly - Base color
  • L'Oréal Because You're Worth It - Secondary coat
  • Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat - Top coat

This started off as a simple tape manicure. Can you believe it was my first one? Seriously, I've never taped before! After getting the grey and gold in place I wanted to do a bit more. I decided to add some gold speckles by sprinkling some Pearl Ex powdered pigment in Aztec Gold over the still wet top coat. You can get the powered pigments at most major art stores. They even come in sampler packs.

I think the brighter gold speckles help tie the two colors together. I was worried they'd blend in with L'Oréal Because You're Worth It but it worked out fine. The polish is honestly more bronze than gold, though it photographs almost silvery.

What do you think of the combination?


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