Sunday, October 21, 2012

Behold the Alien Queen

Behold the Alien Queen

Look at this monster. Apparently, that's a squash. I'm not sure I believe it, though, because it appears to be some intergalactic life form that would feel more at home on the set of Alien.

It's terrifying... But still it's proven to be excellent manicure inspiration.

I really liked the black on yellow coloration of the squash. I decided to paint my nails yellow and accent the tips with black in order to get a similar look. I did the tips fairly wide, as you can see.

Here's what I used:

  • L'Oreal Base Coat - Base coat
  • Sinful Colors Let's Meet - Base color
  • Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris - Black tips

So, what do you think? Everyone is doing pumpkin manicures right now and I was feeling a bit left out. Squash is close enough, right?


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