Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Inspired by Rise of The Guardians, Again: Pitch Black and the Sandman

Here's another nerdy manicure! Once again inspired by the new Dreamworks film, Rise of the Guardians. I based this one on Pitch Black and the Sandman. I loved the effects used for these two characters. Really pretty swirling clouds of golden dreams and  blue-black nightmares.

This is a pretty straight forward water marble. For the dark nails, which are supposed to be reminiscent of Pitch's Nightmares, I started off by painting my nails black using L.A. Colors Circuits. For the marbling, I used Essie Aruba Blue, Sinful Colors Let's Talk, Sally Hansen Eel Skin and Wet n' Wild Eggplant Frost.

For the golden Sandman nails, I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, followed by a single coat of L.A. Colors Wave Length. The water marble was done with Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, L.A. Colors Wave Length, Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and L'Oréal Because You're Worth It.

I absolutely love how this came out! This was my second try at attempting this manicure and the first one fell flat because I attempted to marble the golds and blacks together. It resulted in some pretty funky color mixing that, while not unattractive, wasn't at all what I was going for. I'm much happier with this. I think the two water marbles work really well together.

What do you think? Yes or no to using two different water marbles in the same manicure?


  1. oh those are soooo pretty! :) i love two water marbles in one!

  2. Really pretty! Your sandman ones remind me so much of sandman! LOL Jealous of your mad watermarbling skillz -_- hah Amazing mani per usual!! :D

    1. I know what you mean, I kind of want to redo this a third time and just do them all golden. XD

      The black ones are alright, but the Sandman nails look the best I think.


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