Monday, November 26, 2012

Jack Frost

My boyfriend took me to see Rise of the Guardians during Thanksgiving break. I like animated films, but I'll admit this one was especially awesome. So good, in fact, that I decided to honor it with a manicure.

The film had such beautiful special effects. They were very tasteful and definitely not over the top, which was great! I hate how so many movies lately are just overloaded with special effects and everything else is sadly lacking. So, in honor of Jack Frost and his powers over ice and snow, I decided to do a water marble and stamping combo.

Using Essie Sweet Talker, I started off by painting my nails light blue. For the water marble I used Nicole by OPI Rich in Spirit, Sally Hansen Model Behavior and Sally Hansen Eel Skin. I was going for a swirling icy wind type of effect.

Finally, using Essie No Place Like Chrome and Bundle Monster plate BM-323, I stamped on some snow flakes.

I have another manicure based on the film planned but I need to redo it. I wasn't satisfied with the results.

So, anyone else not afraid to admit they still like animated films?


  1. Your water marble is AWESOME, and I love the stamping! Such a pretty, frosty mani!

    1. Thanks! I have another water marble to post tomorrow. :3

  2. So pretty! The colors are PERFECT!

  3. Beautiful background for stamping, looks so winter-y :)

  4. SO AWESOME! I want to see that movie SO bad! So happy to hear it was good! LOL Love the mani :)


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