Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hard Candy Pop Rocker

Black Tie Optional and Pop Rocker.

You may have heard that Hard Candy recently released new glitter polishes. I picked up a bottle of Pop Rocker because the red was by far my favorite. These new glitters are fairly similar to the Hard Candy black and white glitter Black Tie Optional, though they lack the large black hex glitter.

To show the difference between Pop Rocker and Black Tie Optional I thought it would be fun to swatch them on two glass cabochons for a comparison. I used Sally Hansen Polar Bare as a base but, as you can see, the white glitter in both polishes was lost... Opps!

Because swatching it over white, even an off-white, proved to be such a horrible idea, I reswatched Pop Rocker over OPI A Woman's Prague-ative, which is just about the most perfect autumn polish ever. Much better!

I'm not generally a fan of glitters, but I do love the look of Pop Rocker. It's versatile and the formula was wonderful. I have no issues with the application at all. What do you think? Have you tried any of the Hard Candy glitters yet?


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